Best Digital Marketing Tools And Techniques

Whether you are a small business owner, large corporation or a professional marketer – you must have some good digital marketing tools in your arsenal. So if you are looking for some digital marketing tools that will help you reach your goals and scale up your reach- we got your covered.

There are many digital marketing tools available in the market. Good marketing tools not only help you reach out to more customers, they also save you hours of work- and also help you cut down your costs. At BrandLoom, we are continuously trying, testing and deploying digital marketing tools, and here are some of the ones that we think will be useful for all marketers out there.

With our curated list of tool, you can save dozens of hours per week and help you automate your digital marketing activities. Automation of key marketing activities saves BrandLoom time and helps us deliver superlative services to our clients. We believe these tools will help you save both time and money as well.

The trick is to knowing the right tools at the right stage.
– Avinash Chandra, Founder – BrandLoom Consulting


“Data is the new oil”, goes the saying. Any business decision you take must be driven by data. Data analysis tells you what is working and what is not, and good marketers keep fine tuning their marketing strategy after looking at it.
Here are the best tools for that:

Google Analytics

This is self-explanatory, because Google is always central to every brand’s digital marketing strategy. It is free, and gives you important information regarding your website such as:

  • How many hits it is getting,
  • What pages are performing well,
  • Which geographical location are the hits coming from, and
  • What are the popular keywords for which it is getting hits.

Google Analytics screenshot- sessions doubled in 2 months

best digital marketing analytics tools Google analytics

Google Analytics Solutions offer free and enterprise analytics tools to measure website, app, digital and offline data to gain customer insights. Google Analytics shows essential information about website performance and website traffic to marketers. It tells about new and returning costumers.

Google Trends

Google Trends market trend analysis tools

It is a tool which tells us about the top searched keywords on Google across various regions. It uses graphs to show you the popularity of the keywords. You just need to type the keyword in the search box and gauge its popularity. It is a very important tool to get updated for popular keywords based on region, time, or country.


SEO is not an option but an absolute necessity today. If you want to get your webpages to get more hits, you must make sure that your website content is keyword-oriented and the website itself is more easily searchable by Google spiders. Here are some good SEO tools:


This is a well known Google keyword research tool. It is useful for both SEO and SEM, and it helps you find traffic for each and every keyword.

top seo tools for digital marketers SEMRUSH

SEMRush is an ultimate Google keyword tool. It works well as Google keyword traffic tool and let you find traffic for each and every keyword. for Keyword Research. It also helps you with Google keyword research for both SEO and SEM.

Google Keyword Planner

Know what keywords will be most effective with the Google Keyword Planner. This tool shows you how often your planned keywords are searched, and also if the search volume fluctuates with time (like pumpkin spice becomes a rage during autumn). The “more like this” feature helps you find associated keywords than can help you enrich your content.

Google Ads advertising as a marketing tools to generate leads

Use Google Ads keyword tool to identify keyword phrases that your prospective audience might be using on Google search engine. With this tool you can identify appropriate search phrases for your SEO and content marketing campaigns.

Keyword Tool

It is a free tool that helps generate keywords from autocomplete of Google Web search, News, Images & Videos.

search engine optimization seo and marketing tools

Keyword Tool is a free alternative to Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool. It helps you generate keywords from autocomplete of Google Web search, News, Images & Videos. It is a good Google keyword suggestion tool and also gives keywords for YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, App Store also.

Uber Suggest

top online marketing tools for small business Ubersuggest

This is a tool that helps marketers get insights into a top strategy which are working for renowned companies, so you can use them with some fine-tuning to suit their own needs. It also tells you about the most trending article or content on the web. So, you don’t need to work extra when you know what is working well.


best online marketing tools for websites

Ahrefs is a tool which tells you about your competitor’s achievements and gives techniques to outrank them. Ahrefs does research on competitors where it tells us about what are the keywords due to which they are ranked no.1 in organic search. It calculates your website rank and gives an automated ranking report so that you do not miss to check up on your growth. It also grows your search traffic and monitors your niche.


Google Ads advertising as a marketing tools to generate leads

Use Google Ads keyword tool to identify keyword phrases that your prospective audience might be using on Google search engine. With this tool you can identify appropriate search phrases for your SEO and content marketing campaigns.


yoast free search engine marketing tools

Yoast is a tool for SEO. It tells Google exactly what your page is about, faster indexing, keeps an eye and notifies you about your page updates, gives previews for your social media platforms. It also checks readability and helps you avoid duplicate content on Google by setting canonical URLs.


Social media marketing is vital today because most customers like to talk about their purchases on social media, and it is a necessary space where brands can reach out to their target audience, build their brand culture and directly engage with the sudience.

Some good social media tools are:


This tools helps you scale your business easily, and helps marketers organize social media contests, landing pages and track leads. You can also create great website pop ups with it. So if you want to engage audience via contests and giveaways on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram- Wishpond is a great tool for you.

best social media marketing tools 2019 wishpond

Use Wishpond to create powerful social media contests on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. It can also create amazing landing pages and website pop-ups.

top 5 social media marketing tools socialaider

Social Aider allows you to manage all your social media accounts from one dashboard. Social Aider is a budget-friendly social media management tool.


If you want to have a powerful social media presence, you need a good automation tool that will save you a lot of time. AgoraPulse is an easy social media management tool that works with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. You can publish, customize and time your posts, as well as weed out harmful trolls. AgoraPulse also lets you listen to social chatter so that you can make informed SMM decisions.


Every respectable website and online store today has a social share enabler that helps your customers share information with their friends via social media platforms. If you are a marketer, you must enable a good sharing tool. Here are a few examples:

Social Welfare

This is a WordPress plugin that adds beautiful, lightning-fast social share buttons to your website or blog. Increase your social shares and drive more traffic to your website.

best free social media marketing tools for business social warfare

Increase Social Shares & Drive Traffic with Social Warfare. A WordPress plugin that adds beautiful, lightning-fast social share buttons to your website or blog.


Socioboard is an open source social media tool which allows its users to modify and customize the program according to their requirements. You can choose from a wide range of Social Tools. Its in-built analytical programs helps you make informed decisions about social sharing.


Fanpage Karma

Monitor your social media marketing campaigns with Fanpage Karma. This tool helps you with Competition benchmarking, Reach your social audience better, Helps you grow your social media community. With Fanpage Karma, you get to know about useful social media posting strategies and about profile performances on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

social media marketing analytics tools fanpagekarma

Fanpage Karma is an online tool for social media analytics, monitoring and competition benchmarking. It helps you engage fans better and reach a growing community in the social networks. Fanpage Karma provides valuable insights on posting strategies and performance of social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Facebook Audience Insights

This tool tells you about the people that matter to your business. It tells you about demographics, geography and purchasing behaviour through which you can generate a meaningful message to your audience. It lets you know about how many people live near you and are interested in your product, their past purchase behaviour and how they behave while shopping online.

Best facebook marketing tools for business

Through Facebook audience insights, you can get information like page likes, location and language of the customer, Facebook usage, purchase activity, and many more.


social media marketing automation tools agorapulse

AgoraPulse is a Social Media Marketing Automation tool for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, GooglePlus and YouTube. It has been designed to manage your private messages, comments and tweets on the go.


Despite rumours, email marketing remains the most effective digital marketing route. More customers are likely to look for coupons, promo codes and discounts in their inboxes, and brand regularly use emails to encourage their customers to shop more. Here are some great email automation tools:

Active Campaign

This remains a favorite through the years. You can drive integrated email marketing campaigns based on behavioral data of your customers with Active Campaign, and it contains a number of data-driven features. You can send welcome emails, trigger campaigns, do sales follow-ups, and many other things.

best email marketing tools for small business activecampaign

ActiveCampaign is among the best email marketing tools for a reason. With its digital marketing automation tools you can drive integrated email marketing campaigns based on behavioral data of your customers.


Want to create clean, professional looking newsletters? AWeber is the best tool for it. It has feature like unlimited campaigns, a drag & drop editor, autoresponder, subscriber segmenting, many mobile responsive templates and email marketing tracking. AWeber has great email deliverability rates.

best free email marketing tools for wordpress aweber

Use Aweber to create beautiful, professional-looking newsletters with powerful email marketing tools. Features include unlimited campaigns, drag & drop editor, autoresponder, subscriber segmenting, 700+mobile responsive templates, email marketing tracking with great email deliverability rates.


Want to grow your startup via emails, but you’re on a budget? Selzy is the way to go! Their affordable pricing and the fully functional, forever-free plan are perfect for small businesses. The tool is also very beginner-friendly, and even newbies in email marketing can launch their first campaign in under 15 minutes.

Selzy Best email marketing tool

Selzy is an all-in-one email marketing and automation platform with a user-friendly no-code builder and 100+ free templates for every occasion, from welcome to retention. It’s easy to use, effective and helps you launch professional-looking email campaigns in no time.


competitor analysis tools marketing semrush

Use SEMRush to built insights on your competitor. SEMRush is an amazing tool that can help you benchmark your SEO and SEM efforts with respect to your competitor.

competitor analysis tools marketing FANPAGEKARMA

Fanpage Karma is an online tool for social media analytics, monitoring and competition benchmarking. It helps you engage fans better and reach a growing community in the social networks. Fanpage Karma provides valuable insights on posting strategies and performance of social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

competitor analysis tools marketing similarweb

This is a tool which reveals the best strategy to the marketer by analyzing the market and competitors. It builds your media partnership, enhances your search strategies and understands a shopper’s decision journey. In short, it helps you increase sales opportunities. It also helps you evaluate your investment decisions by comparing them with the latest market trends.


best content marketing tools semrush

Use SEMRush to build your content strategy. SEMRush is an amazing tool that can help you develop amazing content pipeline to drive your business forward.

Marketing Design Tools

Nothing attracts customers like clean and beautiful visual designs. Create an eye-catching image, and you are almost always likely to get your customers to spend some extra time on your page and check out your products more. Here are some excellent visual design tools:

integrated marketing communication tools

This is pretty much every marketer’s favorite graphic design tool. It has a drag and drop feature, pre-modeled templates for popular platforms like Facebook ads, is simple to use and also helps you customize the branding section so that you can always have your logos and colors handy.

tools used for marketing communication pablo

Pablo is another great tool, and you can design many good outreach templates with it. It is also very handy for marketers who want to post on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. It has a one-click text repositioning tool and you can upload your logos to your images as well.

Landing Pages Tools

If you want to increase your conversion rates, you have to optimize your landing pages. A good landing page convinces the customer to make a purchase decision and guides her so that the process is easy. Here are a few tools to do that”

  • LeadPages: Forward thinking brands are all taking a mobile-first approach, and LeadPages is a great tool that optimizes mobile landing pages. With LeadPage, you can integrate your landing page with your email automation software and collect email addresses from customers.
  • Unbounce: If you are on a tight budget, Unbounce is a great landing page optimization tool . It has many pre-designed landing page templates, and it also lets you create your own templates. You can integrate Unbounce with MailChimp and hubspot- and also can create a page and run tests.

Best Digital Marketing Tools



Premium managed WordPress hosting, powered by Google Cloud. Lightning-fast load times, 24/7 expert support, and scalable for mission-critical sites.

cloudways best digital marketing tools

Cloudways is a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. I recommend this as a platform to all my clients. In fact we are hosted on cloudways!

digitalocean top digital marketing tools

Digital Ocean (DO) is an easy-to-use cloud computing platform of virtual servers (Droplets) and object storage ( Spaces). It is designed for developers and for those who want to setup a server of their own and need an unmanaged server.



Premium managed WordPress hosting, powered by Google Cloud. Lightning-fast load times, 24/7 expert support, and scalable for mission-critical sites.

Bluehostbest free digital marketing tools

Bluehost provides Optimized wordpress Hosting for Fast, Secure blogs. This is the reason Bluehost of the preferred blogging tool. Bluehost does everything for a blogger and make wordpress websites secure, easy to use, and extremely fast.

siteground digital marketing tools for startups

SiteGround provides managed WordPress Hosting. Their services are engineered for speed. SiteGround provides security and designed for wordpress websites.

wpengine essential digital marketing tools

WPEngine provides exclusive hosting services for WordPress website. Needless to say it is one of the most preferred blogging tools. If you are an non-technical and aspiring blogger WPEngine could provide you powerful technology and support system.


inmotion must have digital marketing tools

Inmotion provides variety of website hosting services. It supports various open source programs such as WordPress, Joomla, b2evolution, & PrestaShop. Inmotion is capable of supporting small to big businesses through its VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers.

hostgator small business digital marketing tools

Hostgator provides variety of website hosting services. It is capable of supporting small to big businesses through its Cloud services, VPS hosting and Dedicated Servers.



Payment Gateway for Web & App, Email & SMS Invoicing, PAY Button, Excel Plugin & more. Payment Gateway Trusted by lakhs of Merchants. Accept Cards, Netbanking, Wallets & UPI. 100% Payment Security. Go Live in Minutes. 110+ Payment Modes. Free Payment Gateway.

instamojo best digital marketing tool for online business

Instamojo helps you setup a Payment Gateway in India for Free Online. With Instamojo you can collect Payments on your Website, Mobile App, via Social Media, eMail, SMS & more!


Google Ads advertising as a marketing tools to generate leads

Use Google Ads keyword planner tool if you are planning to run paid campaigns to drive targeted traffic to your website. Google Ads is the Google keyword planner tool and helps you create search, display, video and shopping ads as per your business requirement.


referralcandy referral marketing tools

ReferralCandy is a referral program that enables eCommerce stores to reward their customers for referring their products or services.


best marketing automation tools for small business ACTIVECAMPAIGN

ActiveCampaign is among the most versatile digital marketing CRM tools. With its bouquet digital marketing automation tools you can drive integrated email marketing campaigns. As a CRM it enables yo to setup behavioral based automation campaigns.


OPTINMONSTER lead generation marketing tools

Powerful lead generation software that converts abandoning visitors into subscribers with its amazing and dynamic marketing tools and Exit Intent technology.

lead generation marketing tools sumome

It is a tool which helps you grow your email list and engage the traffic on your website. It has many different ways to send website visitors email without any difficulty. It has an attractive popup feature that helps you get the visitor’s email when they visit the site. It also analyses the visitor’s behaviour through a heat map about where people are clicking and when they stop reading.




Sucuri provides website security, with specialization in WordPress Security. The Sucuri Security WordPress plugin is free to all WordPress users. It is a security suite meant to complement your existing security posture.


prettylinks affiliate marketing tools software

Pretty Links is a must have wordpress plugin for bloggers. If you are looking for affiliate marketing tools free for shrinking, cloaking, tracking, organising, sharing and testing on your own domain and server, PrettyLinks is what you must have.

Digital Marketing Techniques and Their Importance

In recent years, we have all witnessed an inseparable revolution of technologies and the importance of Digital Marketing.

The accessibility and affordability of electronic media have given great power to this emerging technology of Digital Marketing.

Consider how you currently market your company. If you’re only advancing your business through traditional marketing strategies, you’re missing a perfect opportunity to get important leads through decision-making. The task of digitalized advertising is simple:

  • Help your business spend your marketing budgets more effectively.
  • Get more leads.
  • Obtain a good return on investment (return on investment) for your business.

In the world of online business service, it’s important to remember that your competition is only a mouse click away. Doug Warner.

With the current digital advancements unfolding, organizations are doing everything they can to coordinate with the pace to benefit from the progressive role of digital marketing for business.

Organizations are changing their traditional marketing method of using various offline promotional and advertising techniques to digital marketing methods. Digital marketing lets you reach a targeted audience globally online.

Organizations are making every effort to keep up with today’s digital advancements to benefit from the advanced role of digital marketing for business. They either switch to digital channelization or increase the visibility of their current brand using digital techniques.

Engaging BrandLoom- India’s leading ROI-generating digital marketing company as your digital marketing assistant can help you keep your steps ahead with the digitizing world.

Apart from the tools, you will also need to adapt to specific digital marketing techniques if you want to meet your goals. If you do not think about your marketing strategy before starting the fieldwork, you will not get the desired results.

Here are some digital marketing techniques that can help you execute your marketing strategy effectively:

  1. SEO – Search engine optimization: SEO is vital for growing your online business. Your website will perform better with effective SEO, helping it rank higher for more relevant keywords on Google. Online shoppers usually open the first few pages when they search for something. So it is best to achieve a good position on the first search page of Google. SEO will attract more traffic to your website from your target audience. SEO does not help you appear on all search queries. With a well-designed SEO strategy, you will appear for the keywords your potential customers are searching for. You do this by researching what searchers and people who might be interested in your products or services are doing. For example, if you sell interior furniture, you can target keywords like ‘how to buy interior furniture’ or ‘buy interior furniture.’
  2. Content Optimization refers to increase the visibility of your content on the web. You should make sure that content is written in a way that it reaches a broad audience. Content should be enriched with keywords, title tags, relevant links and easy words. If you want to use content optimisation as a marketing technique, writing good quality content according to trending keywords is must, so that your content is highly ranked on search engines.
  3. Direct Mail refers to sending greeting or advertising emails to your customers. In this you direct mail brochures, postcards, sale letters, catalogues and many more marketing materials to your customers. If you want to use it as a marketing technique, you should not send spam your customers and avoid hard-sell techniques. You should keep them updated about your new products, price, and sales or invite them for shopping from your website so that they come again to your website and get useful information through your mail. This is one of the most effective marketing tools for marketers.
  4. Website Optimization refers to updating your website from time to time. It is a method where you keep updating your website with different tools as image tags, quotes, phrases, and editing metadata to maintain your website rankings on Google. If you want to use this technique, you need to make an easy-going, attractive and presentable website as it is the first thing people see coming to your page. Not only that, but you should also optimise the structure of your website so that it is more readable for Google spiders.
  5. Social media refers to marketing your products on social media platforms. Almost everyone today is on social platforms, which makes the social sphere an essential place for marketing. Social media marketing techniques can be said as the best strategy to popularise your product. It is important to target users and consumers on social media as it is easy to access, and people there like to spend their time more. Having an effective marketing plan for social media can boost your sales and can give you new success stories.
  6. Influencer marketing: When trusted influencers and great brands come together to create engaging content, it’s a powerful collaboration. Viral posts can generate thousands of impressions for brands and gain incredible consumer engagement. Trick? By matching the right influencer to the right brand.
  7. Consumer-centric websites:

    Almost everyone has an online presence, but the emphasis has shifted towards making it count with attractive design and features. Businesses are now putting a lot of stress on the design aspects of their online presence. To enhance user experience, your website must be easy to access, interactive, clean and engaging. If this is not the case, the visitor will not stay on your page for long. Engaging a professional to design your website will be perfect because it will affect your website visitors. Keep your design clean, modern, and mobile-friendly, or there’s a chance you’ll lose customers. 


There are many tools that help digital marketers reach their marketing goals, but the one listed above are among the best. Always remember that marketing should be about engaging the audience better, and that is where your attention should be.

Good digital marketing tools help you manage, curate and create good content, as well as save you time and energy by helping you share that content via automation.

They also help you understand your target audience better, and help you reach out to your customers across a wide range of platforms and devices. So, if you want to get an edge over your competitors, be sure that you have the right marketing tool with you.

Simply put, digital marketing will facilitate more business opportunities and higher user engagement in the coming times. The industry will also witness content optimisation for voice search along with more informative, relevant, sharp, and relevant online advertising campaigns.

Businesses in the modern economic era need digital marketing to compete with their competitors. The market is where the shoppers are. They prefer that you reach out to them. You will understand the importance of digital marketing. However, it does not make it easy to implement strategies that will provide you with the ROI (return on investment) you seek.

Digital marketing is as important as tea leaves for making tea for your business today. You cannot grow without effective digital marketing techniques, which gets unlimited benefits. Your online strategy is based on utilising the latest digital marketing skills as they allow your business to grow rapidly.

As a result, all successful businesses and marketers are looking for and using the best digital marketing tools and tricks. The result can be more leads, sales, and profits because they understand how to use these techniques and tools to take their business to the next level.

We can conclude that the role of digital marketing will continue to grow over time and that it will remain a top priority for businesses wanting to thrive in the market. Engaging BrandLoom- India’s leading ROI generating company as your digital marketing assistant can help you keep your steps ahead with the digitising world.