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Hi, I am

Branding, eCommerce &
Digital Marketing Consultant
and Founder of BrandLoom Consulting.



I help companies to grow their revenues profitably with the application of my branding, ecommerce and digital marketing strategies.

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I Truly Believe that Every Business / Brand can Leverage the Internet to Connect with the Audience and Grow their Business Profitably.

I believe in Brands and startups that Truly Help consumers. Yes! A Brand is out there to make a profit. However, unless you connect and indeed help a consumer, your chances of survival are zero in this digital world. It is no longer about attacking or defending, but about finding what you can do profitably.

I don’t believe that established businesses can’t be agile and connected like the upcoming digital startups. Instead I believe that they can play from their point of strength which is their brand, data, and consumer base to make sure that all of their strengths are leveraged and used equally well in the digital world.

I don’t believe that a startup just needs to be an aggressive attacker and use discounting (with investors money) as a strategy to build their business. Instead I believe that by finding their niche and connecting with their prospective consumer at the right point of time, a startup can find their MOJO.

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Why do you need a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Having led Business and Marketing operations of several large & small international brands over my 18 years long international career, I understand the challenges you might be facing.

The Internet is transforming the way businesses run. In business, sometimes we are so caught up in execution that it’s hard to see the transformation and keep the business strategy tuned to the big picture. Growth and innovation are essential, but big picture thinking can be tough in the ever-connected world. While today the business is good but it can not guarantee the future.

I believe with the application of eCommerce and Digital Marketing Strategy it could be great, and not just good? So let us build Sustainable & Profitable Businesses with eCommerce and Digital Marketing Strategy.

Reimagine the Results.

That Digital Consulting can Drive for your Business.

Enhancing Brand Awareness with digital marketing consulting services


An American automotive brand was struggling to increase its market share due to an low brand awareness and an imposing incumbent. The company challenged BrandLoom to help them build awareness among savvy audience and remove brand rejection at retail.


With celebrity cricket star as the Brand ambassador coupled with continuous campaign on YouTube, Facebook  and PR led to significant increase in brand awareness and significant reduction in brand rejection at retail.


Overall Brand Awareness 75%
Increase in Market Share 2%
Increase in Sales 25%
Generating B2B Sales digital strategy consulting


One of the largest Indian conglomerate was struggling to generate new business opportunity for their premium B2B solution. The company challenged BrandLoom to identify new business opportunity in residential and SME sector to grow their business without involving their salesteam.


BrandLoom optimized the website for search, deployed lead magnets and built landing pages to generate leads for the business. Google adwords advertisements in select geographies with contextual targeting helped the brand generate new leads for their dealer network.


Increase in Lead Generation 100%
Reduction in CPC 30%
Increase in Large Deals 20%
digital consulting agency driving B2B sales


A large American ingredient brand was struggling to gain traction among Indian business users. The brand challenged BrandLoom to identify ways to build traction among their business customers by sharing new innovations being developed for Indian or international markets.


BrandLoom started email marketing activity sharing new innovations being launched along with use case scenario. Based on behavioral action provided BrandLoom provided action plan to the sales team through Salesforce CRM.


Increase in Innovation Adoption 25%
Sales Increase 20%
Increase in Visibility 20%

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How our Digital Consulting Services Help you Grow your Business?

Growing your business means building on your strengths to improve your company’s ability to connect with prospective customers when they are need of products that you offer.

BrandLoom as your digital marketing consulting agency will bring together insights and technology to help you build a long-term relationship with your customer.


Insights on competition, website optimisation, search engines, social media, eCommerce, customer service, relationship management initiatives to help your business and marketing teams focus on goals and communicate those goals to the entire organisation.

A customised digital marketing solution tailored to your business needs.

An implementation plan that takes into account the challenges of organisational change and sets benchmarks for success.

Ongoing project management and analytics that ensure benchmarks are met and tactics are modified to reflect the evolving needs of the organisation and its clients.

If required implementation services and supports to help overcome obstacles and smooth the path as your solution is rolling out will be available at a separate charge agreed at a specific stage.


Build the Go-To-Market Digital Strategy


Guide & Mentor your Marketing Team During Execution

This mechanism suits you if you have a full-fledged marketing team with a full-time digital marketing resource. Our Digital Marketing Consultants will create a Go-To-Market Digital Marketing Strategy. Your team will be responsible for its execution. Our Digital Marketing consultants will oversee the entire progress and provide timely feedback and course correction guidance. We will provide the following assistance:

  1. Go-To-Market Digital Strategy
    • Traffic Growth Plan is driven by organic, social, referral, email and paid digital marketing strategies.
    • Development of Lead Generation Strategies and Sales Funnel
    • Budgeting and investment planning
  2. Mentoring on the way
    • Digital Asset Optimisation Ideas
    • Content Optimisation Ideas
    • New Content Ideas
    • Influencer Identification
    • Social Media Engagement Ideas
    • Conversion Rate Optimisation Ideas
    • New Product Ideas


Build & Execute the Go-To-Market Digital Strategy


Timely Reporting to your Management Team

This mechanism suits you if you do not have full-time digital marketing resource or lack time to manage your digital marketing campaigns. Our Digital Marketing Consultants will create a Go-To-Market Digital Marketing Strategy and execute it with complete accountability for results (you need not to pay in full if we do not achieve our commitment. We will provide the following assistance:

  1. Go-To-Market Digital Strategy
    • Traffic Growth Plan is driven by organic, social, referral, email and paid digital marketing strategies.
    • Development of Lead Generation Strategies and Sales Funnel
    • Budgeting and investment planning
  2. Execution of Digital Marketing plans
    • Optimisation of Digital Asset through SEO, SMO, Content, Technical upgradation
    • Existing content upgradations
    • Creation of New Content
    • Ongoing promotion with Influencers/bloggers
    • Social Media Promotion
    • Conversion Rate Optimisation
    • New Product Ideas

What makes BrandLoom Unique?

Take advantage of our expertise. Build your Brand Equity and Business online. Take your Marketing & Business ideas live & turn it into a profitable and growing business with the best digital consulting services in India!

  • 100+ Years of Business Experience at Leadership level.
  • Business Strategy driven by application of Data.
  • Marketing Strategy Built on Consumer Insights.
  • Application of Best in Class Technology Stack.
  • Our Understanding of the Power of Branding.
  • Our Fully Managed eCommerce Capabilities.

What do you get from our Digital Marketing Consultants

So if you are looking for practical, tried & trusted Internet Marketing Consultant then I can help you get the results.

It does not matter what your desired result is. You might be looking to:

  • Start an online business with little or no capital.
  • Grow your business online with limited investments.
  • Omnichannel Strategy to take your existing business Online.

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, I will enable you to build skills and capabilities to meet Consumers demands in this ever-connected world. You will witness digital transformation consulting to help you grow your revenue and profit by improving operational performance, deliver your products or services more effectively & efficiently.

Digital Consulting Services

Why my approach works?

The impact of digitisation has been all pervasive. Yes, it started with sales and marketing processes; however, now its influence is visible in all the functions of an organisation. Every C-suite executive is feeling the impact of it in their roles.

However, digitisation has wholly transformed business and marketing operations. At BrandLoom, I along with my team will assist you in this journey with our unique “Digital Brand Commerce” practice. Our approach makes us one of the top digital consulting firms in India.

Digital Marketing Consulting Services

With our Digital Brand Commerce practice, you can increase your product/service reach beyond geographies. As part of our digital management consulting practice, I will help you take better decisions with data & analytics and drive product innovations at a faster pace. I will also help you with the adoption of the latest marketing technology that supports your business model.

Our Mission

To apply Branding, Digital + eCommerce and Design capabilities to enable Startups & Brands to meet Consumers needs and develop world-class skills & capabilities. Our strategy is focused on helping clients improve their operational performance, deliver their products & services more effectively & efficiently and grow their businesses in existing & new markets.

Digital Strategy Consulting

I and several members of my team have an extensive experience in digital and marketing processes. Therefore we are strategically placed to help you deliver better marketing programs, products and services through digitisation.

Here is an example:

A couple of months back, a startup approached me. The Founder/CEO said, “we have been doing well on online marketplaces. However, our conversion rates on our website and mobile app suck”.

I asked them “what is pulling you down?”

His answer surprised me. “I am not sure; we have been spending lots of money to drive traffic to our website from Facebook and Google. But conversions rates are horrible.”

Well, the beauty of the digital ecosystem is that you can deep dive and identify what is working and what is not.

This is what we bring on the table.

I will show you how to build a “Digital Brand Commerce” ecosystem to help you achieve your business objectives.

There are a lot of elements to build digital excellence. Digital is an ecosystem, and one activity feeds into another. So if you do not play all your cards right, you will have an unbalanced strategy. Anything unbalanced cannot stand on its feet, leave alone delivering results for your business or your career.

Simply trying whatever comes your way and spray & pray approach will not help you build your business as there is no proven system available anywhere in the world. Most of the “digital experts” talk about one or the other part as if that is the only thing that drives digital excellence.

Let me set it straight.

Trying harder doesn’t work.

You need a practical system to advance your business or career. I will show you the exact system I have used to build brands and companies.

So with “Digital Brand Commerce” system, just focus on building your business and brand instead of worrying about being on the right path.

That’s what I offer HERE. No gyaan. No hiding of real techniques. No BS. No random tactics. Just tested step-by-step systems that work in the real world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a digital marketing consultant?

Ans: A Digital Marketing Consultant is someone who has hands-on experience of putting Digital Medium and Marketing strategy together to help an organisation achieve its business objectives.

These Digital Marketing Consultants generally have extensive experience in business operations and understand various objectives an organisation might have with their overall communication strategy.

A good digital marketing consultant has a good understanding of the following:

Business & Brand Strategy
Digital Media & Tools
Marketing Strategy
Insight generation from the Web/Social Analytics data

Q2. What is digital consulting?

Ans: Digital Consulting is the method adopted by digital marketing consultants to help an organisation maximise the business potential by using digital marketing techniques.

Digital marketing consultants focus on an organisations business objectives and help them deploy appropriate methods. A strong digital consulting companies can help you with the following:

To identify target consumer that converts.
Engage with existing customers and attract new customers.
Build traffic to web properties through SEO, SMO, inbound marketing, paid advertising and other traffic generation methods.

Q3. Why do you need a digital marketing consultant?

Ans: Going digital is not just about technology. It is about understanding a new venue for consumer interactions, and creating a seamless customer experience that ensures revenue generation and business growth.

Our world is more interconnected than ever before. Change is constant, the digital world is getting more populated every day and decisions are becoming more data-driven. A good digital

consultancy firm will help you make sense of this ever-shifting and highly competitive space, so that you can reach your business goals effectively and sustain yourself in the long term.

In order to serve your customers better and generate more revenue, you need to understand your customers first. It is the first step in building up your brand and building your marketing strategy. A good digital consultancy service provider will help you understand the market, identify demand areas, find your niche and design a strategy which will ensure customer interest in your brand and services.

Q4. Why makes BrandLoom one of the best digital marketing consulting companies in India?

Ans: BrandLoom focuses on digital transformation consulting. It is not enough to simply make a website or a Twitter account, you have to know who you are marketing to, how to be visible, what to highlight and how to create a unique customer experience that your brand equity seamlessly transforms into the digital space.

Our Multi-pronged approach

Our multi-pronged approach makes us one of the top digital strategy consulting firms in India:

Market and consumer insights: Everyone cannot be relevant to everything. In order to find your customer, you have to know who you are looking for and what they want from you. We start by understanding your market and the customer. This is the first step in building your unique business strategy.

Innovation: Digital is not just about technology, it is about innovation. We help you shift from older business models and strategies and adapt to new ones. We create the roadmap and blue print for your growth, and provide solutions that ensure fast growth.
Identifying demand areas: Our job is to identify the opportunities that come with digital transformation. In a crowded market, it is very easy to get lost. BrandLoom can help you find your unique selling proposition which will give you an edge above your competitors.

Long term solutions: We believe in long term, sustainable solutions and brand strategy. BrandLoom designs a data-driven strategy that not only takes present trends into account, but also maps future shifts.

A good digital marketing consulting firms will position their client such that they risk business risks, take data and innovation-driven decisions that ensure high conversion rates. BrandLoom does all that and more.

Our methods:

We educate your team on the digital transformation process
We assess where you are right now, figure out where you want to be, and device a roadmap to how you can get their

We help you identify areas of importance, like changes in your business model, human resources management, processes and required technology.

We assess the current trends and map out their impact on your business.

We set initial goals, i.e, set you on a path that takes you to your destination

We help you implement the first projects, like set up your website, mobile applications, data collection and interpretation processes and customer feedback procedures

We will continuously review and update your business strategies and lead technology

Q5. Why you should opt for our digital consultancy services?

Ans: You can seek our assistance for the following:

Refine your vision: We help you fine tune your vision so you reach your business goals faster and become a major market player. Set realistic, achievable goals and tackle problems one-by-one to realize your dream.

Better data analytics: We create solutions that are data driven and feasible. You may have lots of data but with no idea how to interpret and process it, you will get lost in the cacophony. This will help you gain better insights into market trends and customer behavior. We ensure that your ROI improves with better understanding of data.
Transform your IT processes: In order to survive, you need to optimize your IT and cost processes. BrandLoom helps you modernize your capabilities, identify right system and cost infrastructure, so that you can achieve your vision and support your brand’s future.

Set you on a course for innovation: Technology is continuously updating, and so is human interaction with it. We make sure to prepare you to take on future challenges, and create a roadmap that enables quick adaptation to beat out competition.

Improve customer experience: Understanding who your customer is and how she interacts with your brand is pivotal to brand building. We help you create a unique, easy and user-friendly customer experience that ensures seamless brand experience across different mediums. Good customer experience is the key to generate revenues and ensure brand loyalty.

Help you grow ethically: Cheap consultancy firms often give you short term and unethical solutions that ultimately end up destroying your brand. Let us guide you through the required process and tell you about what pitfalls to avoid while building your brand identity and reputation online.