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The BrandLoom team is professional, efficient, & helpful. They are prompt with their work & meet deadlines. The whole team is accessible at any point in time. They were very patient- to listening & understanding my needs & then making necessary changes. They are the best in the market to work with.

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Meet BrandLoom

BrandLoom is India’s only ROI-centric branding and digital marketing company in Bangalore. We aim to not only make sure that your brand makes a splash but to also see that you get good returns on your investments and that you have a blueprint for sustainable growth.

The Best Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore

We aspire to be your “ROI Driven” & “Accountable” Branding, Marketing, eCommerce, and Digital Marketing company in Bangalore. We start with consumer/market Insight to build a unique Business Strategy and enable it with web / Mobile Marketing Technology to help you achieve your desired Business Results. At BrandLoom we believe in strategies that lead to measurable and desired results. We will work closely with you to Enhance your Brand Equity & Business Value in the digital world.

BrandLoom Consulting is a 7-year-old digital marketing company in Bangalore founded by Avinash Chandra in 2015. It is one of the largest & fastest-growing digital marketing firms in India. Avinash is an MDI Gurgaon Alumni & has worked with over 100 International & Indian brands during his 22 years of professional career. His work has been featured in various national and online newspapers and magazines such as the Economic Times, First Post, SiliconIndia & Startup city magazines.

What do we do?

BrandLoom has helped companies generate more revenue through digital marketing. BrandLoom, since its inception in 2015, has helped the Business and Marketing operations of several large & small; American, European, Chinese & Indian Brands and Startups. We have offices in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, New york, Texas and London.

We assist in the areas of Branding, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Social Media Marketing, Web technology, and Mobile App development services from India. BrandLoom fulfills the burgeoning desire of startups & brands to reach out to consumers affordably and consistently. This is what makes BrandLoom one of the top digital marketing companies in Bangalore.

The BrandLoom Promise

How we Generate ROI for your Business with the Best Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore!

The BrandLoom Promise
How we Generate ROI for your Business

The BrandLoom Advantage
How We Build Brands

See for yourself how effective strategies makes us the Best Digital Agency in Bangalore.


3X organic traffic for a niche healthcare brand within 6 months


A Niche eCommerce Healthcare player was struggling to gain traction among their target audience. The company was marketing products, courses, medical tests and consultation with registered healthcare practitioner on their platform. The company had modest marketing budgets. They were looking for an agency, which can help build brand and generate ROI through comprehensive digital marketing campaigns.


BrandLoom audited complete digital marketing ecosystem for the client. BrandLoom created a roadmap for 12 months and charted out comprehensive digital marketing strategy. The strategy encompassed SEO, SMO, Content Strategy, Online Advertising and Conversion Rate Optimisation. BrandLoom also identified a unique portfolio of products that has lower competition and unique consumer benefits that led to significant increase in online sales.


Digital case study


29% increase in course enrolment for a coaching institute


A premium coaching institute based in north India was looking to grow enrollment for its coaching program. BrandLoom was challenged to grow the enrollment during a short window of one month along with development of a new responsive website.


BrandLoom built a responsive website within a week and deployed lead magnets + CRM before starting a lead generation campaign on Google and Facebook. The team followed up with remarketing and tele-calling to ensure enrollment.


Classroom enrollment case study

Client Speak

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digital marketing company awarded as the Most promising branding consultant in bangalore 2020

What makes BrandLoom Unique?

Take advantage of our digital marketing services in Bangalore. Build your Brand Equity and Business online. Take your Marketing & Business ideas live & turn it into a profitable and growing business!

  • 100+ Years of Business Experience at Leadership level.
  • Business Strategy driven by application of Data.
  • Marketing Strategy Built on Consumer Insights.

Imagine the results that digital can drive for YOUR business.


30X more sales via organic web traffic for a whey protein brand within 6 months


A bootstrapped D2C whey protein brand was struggling to gain traction among their target audience. The brand’s organic traffic was stagnant. The site was witnessing low eCommerce conversion rates. A bootstrapped D2C whey protein brand was struggling to generate sales online profitably. The brand challenged brandloom to help them to build brand, acquire new customers and increase sales with organic traffic.


BrandLoom conducted a thorough On-page, Off-Page & Technical SEO and Content Audit of the client, competitors and consumers. We corrected Issues in sitemap, URL structure, site-speed, redirection, page layouts, On-Page & Off-Page SEO and deployed consumer centric content strategy. Strategically pages were optimised to keep the budget within the clients desired range.


SEO Naturaltein case study


Going 0-60K in organic visitors for a lifestyle & gifting website in just 6 months


A Children’s Book Reading App was struggling to gain traction. The App had significant competition from free resources ( and international Book Reading Apps (GetEpic, FarFaria). The app / site had abysmally low organic traffic and did not rank even for its branded keywords.


BrandLoom conducted a thorough SEO and Content Audit of client and its competitors to identify Content Gaps, Hidden Content Opportunities valuable to the client, Opportunities to Steal Traffic from competition and Content Depth needed in each content article to make it Worthy and useful


SEO Content strategy case study

Looking for the best Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore

Rapidly Growing, Result Oriented
Among Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Bangalore

BrandLoom is one of the top 10 digital marketing companies in Bangalore. Our Vision is to help brands serve consumers better. With an office in Bangalore, India, we take pride in serving our customers through our seasoned team of technology and digital marketing consultants.

We apply consumer & market insight to develop Brand Strategy and enable it with the use of digital technology to give you a headstart. That is what makes us one of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Bangalore.

To better understand our ever-connected world, we use research, analytics, and creativity to gain a clear and profound understanding of unmet consumer needs and opportunities. These insights are used to build ROI for Businesses with unique digital marketing strategies. We engage with our customers and their teams in following the consistent Brand approach and marketing communication.

Our team consists of professionals from diverse backgrounds of technology, sales and marketing. We aspire to create value for our clients in industries as different as Education, healthcare, Fashion & Apparel, FMCG, Consumer Durable, Technology, Retail and Infrastructure. This is what makes us the permanent member in the list of digital marketing companies in Bangalore.

Our Services

We are among the top digital marketing companies in Bangalore with an aspiration to create value for you. Our team of expert digital marketing consultants have been creating value for our clients in diverse industries such as Electrical goods and appliances, Lighting, healthcare, Fashion & Apparel, FMCG, Nutraceuticals, Consumer Durable, Technology, Retail and Infrastructure.

We believe that it is not about what services we provide but about how we offer it. Our approach to digital business makes us one of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Bangalore. We provide support in the following areas

Services offered

As a Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore, BrandLoom covers everything that you need to make your brand a dominant market player. Our services include:

  • Market and consumer insights: Everyone cannot be relevant to everything. To find your customer, you have to know who you are looking for and what they want from you. We start by understanding your market and the customer. As a digital marketing agency in Bangalore, for us, this is the first step in building your unique business strategy.
  • Unique web designs: An excellent and user-friendly website is pivotal to ensure a positive customer experience. We create unique websites that give you an edge over the competition. Our team of dedicated designers make sure your site is aesthetically pleasing as well as relevant to the customer’s needs. Our graphic design approach makes us one of the best creative digital marketing agency in Bangalore.
  • SEO: Become more visible on the internet with search engine optimisation. Get featured on the top of Google search results, increase traffic to your website, get more organic hits, and beat out the competition in local listings. This is our primary service as a digital marketing agency in Bangalore.
  • Cleaning up your website: Buried under a pile of spam? Have a Google penalty? Your site will shut down slowly until you clean it up and adopt ethical means to market your brand. We can help you make you start with a clean slate. This is something, which a lot of customers are looking for from a digital marketing agency in Bangalore.
  • Increasing conversion rates: We make sure your customer has a unique and pleasant experience with your website. Convert more traffic to revenue through pay-per-click methods.
  • Lead driving content: We optimise your website so that your content is relevant, clean and attractive. Fuel your SEO processes, generate more leads and drive more organic traffic by your content.
  • Web analytics: Go beyond data collection. We help you understand your priorities and strengths, and help you read the story hidden in the sea of information and statistics.
  • Mobile app development: Losing out customers because you don’t have an excellent mobile application? Look no further. We create neat, user-friendly apps that will increase your reach in the digital world. With the right app, you can improve your conversion rates and do more targeted marketing that takes your message directly to the customers.
  • Mobile marketing: Are you mobile? Merely having a website is not good enough. Studies show more and more people are surfing and buying on their mobiles. We offer the best mobile marketing strategy to help you dominate the smalls screen, and make sure you are not missing out on the mobile customers.
  • Comprehensive social media marketing: We help our clients become more visible in social media, and engage with the increasingly social customer productively. We conduct campaigns across digital platforms. Our methods are safe, ethical, and effective. This is what makes us one of the best digital media agencies in Bangalore.
  • Build up your brand equity: In BrandLoom we treat your brand as our own and take care to establish your brand name in the best possible way. We will work closely to enhance your brand equity so that you enjoy a good reputation and stay clean of unethical black hat SEO or digital marketing tactics.
  • Protecting your reputation: Merely building up a reputation is not good enough. A good marketing agency makes sure that the reputation stays intact. Do not get forgotten in this increasingly chaotic and populous digital world. We make sure your brand reputation improves with positive feedback and remains relevant. This is what makes us one of the best digital agencies in Bangalore.


Are you a Startup? Take Advantage
of Brandloom’s Small Business Launchpad!

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore for startups and solo entrepreneurs, who want to change the world. We provide everything that you need to take your business idea live & turn it into a profitable and growing online business!

  • The Different Ways to Monetize Your Brand.
  • The Importance of ‘P2P’ Relationship Building.
  • How to Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout.
  • How to be ‘Seen To Sell’ to Grow Influence.
  • The Power of Pre-Selling Your Products.
  • Plus, much, much more!

Best Digital Marketing Agency in Bangalore for Startups

New blood and want to change the world? Don’t worry, BrandLoom is here for you. We cater to both newbies and veterans. Let your dreams take flight with affordable digital marketing services in Bangalore.

If you are a startup, take advantage of BrandLoom’s Small Business Launchpad! We have everything that you need to take your business idea live, and you can watch your website turn into a profitable and growing online business.

We can help you with:

  • Different ways to monetise your brand: We will provide you with the know-how needed to create your niche. Know what you are selling and to whom, and how to start generating revenue.
  • Importance of ‘P2P’ relationship building: In this highly competitive world, no one can survive alone. Connect with your peers and collaborate on relevant areas to ensure mutual growth and visibility.
  • Avoiding entrepreneurial burnout: This is more common than you think. We can help you avoid this fate by managing your brand effectively, while you can pay attention to creating and do what you want to. Let us share your responsibility, and forget stress.
  • Be ‘seen to sell’ to grow influence: With our SEO tactics, we ensure that your website is visible among top Google searches. Stand out with a useful and relevant site, and build up your reputation via ethical campaigns and marketing on social media and other connected platforms.
  • Power to pre-sell your products: How great would it be to not worry about unsold inventory? We can help you create market hype and generate buzz for your products and services so that you have customers lining up outside your digital store with advance orders.


Q1. How much do digital marketing agencies charge in Bangalore?

Ans: Many factors affect the cost of digital marketing services. It depends on competitive intensity, customer readiness, and your business objectives (in terms of sales, market share, and profitability). Therefore the cost of digital marketing in India can not be given just like that.

BrandLoom supports clients from large corporations (paying us Lakhs of rupees every month) to startups paying us as low as 25k/month for digital marketing services.

However, both are not equal. While our large corporate clients expect hundreds of crores of business every month, a startup client of BrandLoom may be looking to generate 100 leads every month.

A corporate client might be looking for advanced, performance-oriented SEO, content marketing, Influencer marketing, performance marketing, and marketing automation services.

In contrast, a startup client might use Google search ads. Therefore, the budget depends on the digital marketing services you want to deploy to reach your goals and the platforms you choose to reach your audience.

Please also note that there are several free and paid methods to reach your goals- which will be best suggested by an established digital marketing agency in Bangalore, such as BrandLoom. Consult our digital marketing experts if you are confused and want to determine if your budget is enough to help you achieve your business objective.

Q2. Which agency is best for digital marketing?

Ans: BrandLoom is consistently considered among India’s top digital marketing agencies due to our commitment to delivering exceptional results and our innovative approach to marketing. Here are some key reasons why BrandLoom is considered a top digital marketing agency in India:

– Comprehensive services: BrandLoom offers a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services, including search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, and more. This allows us to meet your business objectives effectively.

– Results-driven approach: BrandLoom is focused on delivering measurable results, focusing on increasing sales, conversions, and overall ROI. We use data and analytics to build strategies and optimize your campaigns for maximum impact.

– Innovative and creative approach: BrandLoom is known for its innovative and creative approach to marketing, using cutting-edge technologies and tactics to engage with your target audience and drive results. We have a reputation for developing creative, impactful campaigns that stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

– Strong industry reputation: BrandLoom has built a strong reputation in the industry, with a growing list of satisfied clients and a track record of delivering exceptional results. This has helped us to establish ourselves as a top player in the Indian digital marketing space.

– Experienced and skilled team: BrandLoom comprises a team of experienced and skilled digital marketing experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. This allows us to provide you with the highest level of service and support and deliver exceptional results for your business.

Q3. Is it worth hiring a digital marketing agency?

Ans: Whether or not it is worth hiring a digital marketing agency depends on your business’s specific needs and goals.

Generally, hiring a digital marketing agency can benefit your business. When you deploy digital marketing strategies, you grow your online presence and reach your target audience.

Here are some reasons why it may be worth hiring a digital marketing agency for your business:

1. Expertise and experience: Digital marketing agencies have a pool of experts. These experts have the knowledge, skills, and experience to develop and execute effective digital marketing campaigns. By hiring a digital marketing agency, you can tap into this expertise and gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources.

2. Save time and resources: Digital marketing can be time-consuming and requires a significant investment of resources, including time, money, and personnel. By hiring a digital marketing agency, you can save time and resources and focus on their core business operations.

3. Better results: Digital marketing agencies have the resources and expertise to develop and execute effective campaigns that drive results. By leveraging the latest technologies and tactics, agencies can help you reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals.

4. Increased efficiency: Digital marketing agencies have the tools and resources to measure the success of their campaigns and optimize them for maximum results. This allows us to be more efficient and effective in our marketing efforts than businesses trying to handle digital marketing in-house.

5. Stay ahead of the competition: Digital marketing is essential in today’s business world, and companies not leveraging the latest technologies and tactics are likely to fall behind their competitors. Hiring a digital marketing agency can help you stay ahead of the competition and succeed in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Q4. Which are the best digital marketing agencies in Bangalore?

Ans: BrandLoom is considered one of the top digital marketing companies in Bangalore due to our commitment to delivering exceptional results for our clients. There are several factors that contribute to our reputation as a leading digital marketing company in India, including:

– Comprehensive Marketing Services: BrandLoom offers a wide range of digital marketing services, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and more. This comprehensive approach ensures that you can get everything that you need in one place.

– Results-Driven Approach: BrandLoom takes a results-driven approach to digital marketing, using data and analytics to measure the success of our strategies and make adjustments as needed. This approach helps to ensure that you can see real, tangible results from our digital marketing efforts.

– Strong Client Relationships: Our team at BrandLoom, places a strong emphasis on building strong, long-lasting relationships with you. The team works closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals, and provides personalized, attentive support throughout the journey.

– Experienced Team: BrandLoom has a team of experienced and knowledgeable digital marketing experts who have a deep understanding of the market and use their expertise to develop customized digital marketing strategies for you.

– Cost-Effective Solutions: BrandLoom offers cost-effective digital marketing solutions that deliver results. The company works closely with you to understand your budget and develop strategies that are tailored to your specific needs and budget.

While there may be several digital marketing companies in Bangalore, BrandLoom stands out due to our commitment to delivering exceptional results and building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Q5. How do I choose a digital agency?

Ans: Digital Marketing Agency could be the one between your success and failure in a marketplace. Therefore it is very important to have a good digital marketing agency. Please pay attention to the following when looking for a digital marketing agency:

Does your Digital Marketing Agency Understand your Business

As a Brand, your focus is on your business, your competitor and to achieve your business objective, and therefore you are delegating your digital marketing work to an external digital marketing agency.

However as the objective of engaging a digital marketing agency is to achieve your business objective, it is a must that your Digital Marketing Agency and their key personnel understand your business, competition, industry and on top of strategy.

However as the objective of engaging a digital marketing agency is to achieve your business objective, it is a must that your Digital Marketing Agency and their key personnel understand your business, competition, industry and on top of strategy.

Who will service your Account

Ask your agency who will service your account, her qualification, business experience and level in the Digital Marketing Agency. A seasoned Client Servicing personnel with a good understanding of the digital ecosystem will be quite handy, once you start to explore possible avenues to build your brand.

Another benefit of having a seasoned client servicing personnel is that she is your direct representative within the agency.

A seasoned Client Servicing personnel with a good understanding of the digital ecosystem will be quite handy, once you start to explore possible avenues to build your brand.

Another benefit of having a seasoned client servicing personnel is that she is your direct representative within the agency, if she is senior enough you will get your work done faster and better.

You would not like to play Chinese whispers with your client servicing team and never achieve your objectives.

Integrated Services Agency

There are a plethora of pure-play digital agencies across the country, full of techies with excellent technical understanding. I can classify these at best as digital agencies as they lack an understanding of strategic Branding.

A Good Digital Marketing Agency should be able to combine the two. Play more emphasis on branding capability as it is difficult to come by.

Versatile Capability

As pointed out above that Digital world is an ecosystem, you should always consider when looking for best digital marketing agencies to work for you the nature and variety of services they offer.

A good agency should offer as many services as possible under one roof. This will save you the trouble of finding another company for services as you can easily delegate all your digital marketing needs to your Digital Marketing Agency.

Online Presence

Check out the visibility of your Digital Marketing Agency online. Do they have a website, is it responsive, do they have a blog. These three are most important in the digital world today. A Digital Marketing Agency vying for your business should have active social media pages and a blog.

They have created these to connect with their existing or prospective customers. If they are not showing respect to their customers by being active, what chances are there that they will be respectful to you after you have handed over your account to them. A Good digital marketing agency will share on a regular basis, and this is the way to show respect to consumers in the digital world.

Can you Connect with them

How easy it is to connect with them on their website, can you talk to them over the phone. How long does it take for them to respond? Call them up and talk to them. Find out how knowledgeable their team is.

How to Choose Best Digital Marketing Agency is a common question, and it could be a daunting task for a Marketing team. However, if you keep the above in mind, I am sure you will find the best Digital Marketing agency for your business.

Q6. Which type of digital marketing is in demand?

Ans: The world of marketing is constantly evolving. This year the way you’ll Market your business is going to be really different from how you’ve done it in the past. Here are five digital marketing strategies that will really work this year.

1 Content marketing – In Short Videos Format

If you want to create content that’s going to really make an impact this year and for the foreseeable future it’s short form vertical video. Here I am talking about TickTock, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and Facebook Reels.

Short form video looks like it’s here to stay and it’s probably your best bet for those higher levels of Engagement and to be remembered by your target audience.

If you are a brand, this is the right time as with short form video now you are connecting with mature audience. 53% of TickTok users are now over the age of 30 plus when you post those same videos as reels on Instagram you’re able to reach an even more mature Audience.

2 Search Engine Optimisation – Helpful Content Update

So if you want to get found in search this year there there’s a brand new Google Update that you need to know about they’re calling it their helpful content update. This Algorithm update is all about trying to get back to content that was written for people.

We need to think about what is the intent of the user when they do a search that should land them on your sales page. So what we would want on there is answers to the questions that people are likely searching.

We need to make sure that our visitors aren’t left with questions that they need to keep searching for on our Competitors websites.

So on a sales page you should add
* FAQs
* Pricing

Make sure that we’re answering the questions people are searching for on a home page ideally we’d like to be ranking for the type of service we’re offering and so what we need to be doing is thinking through what are the search queries that people are searching and then we create the most helpful content that answers.

3 Social Media Marketing – Influencer Marketing

We have seen the rise of user generated content otherwise known as having influencers create stuff on social for you.

Influencers bring a lot of benefits with them, in fact 61% of viewers actually trust the product recommendations they get from the influencers they follow now compare that to only 38% that will trust social media content put out by you as a business.

We recommend going for Nano influencers, as their engagement rate is right around 6% as opposed to 2% for those mid-tier influencers or 1% for Mega influencers.

We do that because we recommend working with several of them at a time because that gives you more chances for some of these posts to maybe go viral rather than just going all in on one single Creator and one single post.

4 Email Marketing with Quiz as Lead Magnat

So while email isn’t the newest shiniest or sexiest category it is the most profitable. Email marketing actually has a 42 times ROI on average so for every dollar you put into your Email marketing campaigns you’re likely to make 42 dollars in return.

But in order for email marketing to work you gotta get your ideal customers email addresses in the first place right and that’s what strategy is all about.

With interactive lead magnets like Quizzes you can get higher opt-in rates and your potential customer usually gets a better result too because they’re more invested in it is quizzes. You can connect with us to create an interactive online quiz for your business.

5 PPC or Pay-per-Click Marketing – Performance Max Campaign

This strategy is honestly a game changer when it comes to paid advertising. It’s all about being omnipresent or everywhere online all at once and there’s a really easy way to achieve that thanks to Google and this brand new campaign type.

Today people now need to see you at least 21 times before they decide to do business with you. That is why you need to be omnipresent. That is why Google has rolled our their brand new campaign type called performance Max.

Performance Max is a new goal-based campaign type that as the name implies is focused on maximizing performance more specifically it’s about optimizing the performance of Google ad campaigns to increase conversions.

When you run a performance Max campaign you’ll be able to run search ads but it’s also going to open you up to new audiences that Google’s AI predicts will be high converters for you across all of Google’s ad channels this includes YouTube, display, discover, Gmail and Maps.

All you need to do is provide Google with your goal, your budget, some targeting info and some creative assets that they can mix and match in whatever combination they think will convert best for each person on each platform and the really cool part is Google learns what works best through its machine learning essentially figuring out the patterns and automating the best sequence of touch points your customers need to go through before finally converting into a Customer or client.

I hope that you will take advantage of these 5 digital marketing strategies to grow your business.

Q7. Why do I need a digital marketing company in Bangalore for my business?

Ans: Bangalore is one of the fastest-growing cities in India and is widely recognized as a hub for technology and innovation. This means that businesses in Bangalore have highly skilled and tech-savvy consumers. All these consumers are open to the latest technological advances and willing to experiment with the newest solutions available from Brands.

Furthermore, with the increasing use of digital technologies, consumers are becoming increasingly connected, making it increasingly important for businesses to have a strong online presence. A digital marketing company such as BrandLoom can help you reach these connected consumers by developing and executing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to your specific business needs.

Additionally, a digital marketing company in Bangalore can help you stay ahead of the competition by providing you with cutting-edge marketing solutions that are based on the latest technologies and trends. This can include social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and more.

Hiring a digital marketing company in Bangalore can bring a wealth of benefits to your business, from increased reach and exposure to a more comprehensive understanding of the latest digital marketing trends and technologies.

By partnering with a trusted and experienced digital marketing agency such as BrandLoom, you can leverage the power of digital marketing to grow your business and reach your target audience in new and exciting ways.

We ensure that you are reaching out to your target audience and that your brand stands out in the market for all the right reasons. We start by designing a holistic marketing strategy that helps you find the right market niche and positively engage with prospective customers via the appropriate channels.

Our team ensures that you build your reputation as an authority in your field and that it translates into business growth. We don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach. We offer solutions that are tailor-made for YOU and make sure that you get what you need.

Q8. What makes BrandLoom different from other digital marketing agencies in Bangalore?

Ans: As a leading digital marketing agency based in Bangalore, BrandLoom prides itself on delivering results-driven solutions to help businesses succeed online. What sets us apart from other agencies is our focus on return on investment (ROI) in everything we do.

We understand that businesses want to see a tangible return from their marketing efforts, which is why we approach each project with an ROI-first mentality.

Our team of experienced professionals uses data-driven insights and advanced marketing techniques to craft custom strategies that drive real results for our clients.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions – instead, we take the time to get to know each business and its unique goals, tailoring our approach to deliver maximum value.

Our commitment to ROI-driven solutions has helped us establish a reputation as a trusted and effective digital marketing partner for businesses of all sizes in Bangalore and beyond.

Whether you’re looking to increase website traffic, boost conversions, or grow your brand online, BrandLoom has the expertise and experience to help you succeed.

Q9. What makes BrandLoom’s web design services best in Bangalore?

Ans: The first thing anyone does when they come to know of any brand is to visit their website. Having a website for your brand is a no-brainer- if you do not have a good website, you might as well be invisible online. That is why you need the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore for your business.

Your website acts as your company’s representative 24×7. Your prospective customers should be able to access all relevant information about your company, products and services from your website. It is the most vital platform that you have in your arsenal for offering your customers a great brand experience in the digital space.

An expert team

BrandLoom understands why it is essential that you create a good impression online. We have the best web development team who can provide you with a unique website that guarantees that your customers have a smooth interaction with your brand online.

The websites we design are aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and user-friendly. This helps you ensure an excellent experience for your customers and target audience, and also increases your chances of conversions. This enables you to get an edge over your competitors.

We make sure content-rich and fast loading websites

Our team makes sure that your website contains all the relevant information that you want to put out there for your customers. We also make sure that your website is fast, responsive and translates well across multiple platforms. This means that your website can offer a seamless surfing experience across several devices and specifications. With us, you can also be sure that you have the right web hosting services for your website.

The websites we design put the customers’ demands at the center. We also optimize your landing pages and provide superior design elements and content so that you can convince your customers to make the right purchase decisions.

What’s more, we can also help you revamp your old website. This is what makes BrandLoom the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore.

Q10. What makes BrandLoom’s SEO services the best in Bangalore?

Ans: BrandLoom offers the best SEO services in India. We make sure that your website ranks at the top of Google’s search results. We will optimize your website content and structure so that you get sustained organic traffic and also generate better leads for your business.

Think about it- any customer who wants to know about your business or the products or services you offer will always go to Google first. If he can see your website or landing pages feature on the first page of Google, he will visit your site.

Why first page position on SERP is important

Studies show that most readers abandon the search after looking at the first page. This is why you need good SEO so that you can beat the Google algorithm and feature on top of their search results.
With BrandLoom’s SEO services, your website can beat the competition to feature at the top of all search engines for results for various relevant keywords. We can get you more organic traffic and help you with lead generation for a long time- and we ethically do it all.

We follow ethical SEO practices

Because BrandLoom believes in sustainable growth, we follow strictly ethical, white hat tactics for optimizing your website and making it rank on top. Dubious agencies may promise you overnight results- but they will bury your website under a lot of spam and give you bogus, low quality leads.

This will tick off Google, whose algorithm will detect that your website has been using black hat tactics to get traffic, give you a penalty and will eventually shut it down.

So, if you have been duped by a shady agency before, BrandLoom can help you clean your website, clear your Google penalty and help resurrect it. This is what makes BrandLoom the best digital marketing agency in bangalore.

Q11. What makes BrandLoom’s social media marketing services best in Bangalore?

Ans: It goes without saying that unless you are living under a rock, you must have a social media presence. No brand can afford to ignore the social media game.

Good social media marketing is vital for generating leads, driving more traffic to your website, building your online reputation and interacting positively with your customers.

This is important because your brand must build up a brand community via social media. This community sustains your brand, helps you reach out to a broader audience, gives you valuable consumer insights and helps you retain a base of loyal customers who come back to you time and again and act as your unofficial spokespersons to the world. That is why you need the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore for your business.

Why social media important for business growth

Studies show that brands with social media pages and presence sell more because customers like to feel part of a community and are more likely to shop from a brand that allows them to interact via social media directly.

BrandLoom understands how important it is to be social in an increasingly populated world. We help you reach your long-term targets and ensure that your brand reaps all the benefits ethically. Our team design and conduct social media marketing campaigns ethically, which makes sure that you reach out to genuine customers who engage with you authentically.

We do not buy likes or use bots. While our ethical means will not get you millions or fake followers or likes, it guarantees that your brand will never be flagged down by social media platforms. If you use unethical means while conducting social media campaigns, you may even end up getting banned.

Customised Social Media Marketing Solutions

BrandLoom offers you customized solutions- so we make sure that your brand is on the right social media platforms. Our team makes sure that you are reaching out to the right audience, and makes sure that you are leveraging your social media presence to the maximum.

We don’t just manage your social media accounts; we make sure that your brand is established as a reputed player in the market. Our digital marketing consultants in Bangalore can help you with crisis management on social media and make sure you garner market goodwill that translates into increased brand awareness in the market. This is why BrandLoom is among the top digital marketing companies in Bangalore.

Q12. What makes our mobile app development services stand out in Bangalore?

Ans: Studies show that customers buy more from apps than websites today. This is because dedicated apps help you retain your customers and offer a variety of features that make shopping easy and convenient.

So, if you want an excellent mobile app that helps you retain your customers and help you increase your conversion rates, we are here for you. We help you design useful apps that are fast and user-friendly. Mobile apps are also an excellent way of ensuring personalised service to your customers- and are great for targeted marketing.

Our apps are simple and easy to use, which offer an excellent brand experience to all customers. We make sure you have fast and efficient apps. With our mobile apps, you will not be losing out on any mobile customers.

Remember, today’s customers are always mobile, so you should be where they are.  Just having a desktop website is not enough.

Q13. Why use our email marketing services?

Ans: Despite misgivings, email marketing remains the most effective way of increasing your conversions. It is the best way to chase leads and offer your customers, personalized service.

Email marketing is a vital tool for small businesses. They can approach leads and offer personalized offers to their customers. If you have a subscriber-based selling model, email marketing is a must. Moreover, it is an excellent device for re-marketing.

Helps you grow your sales

Be it offering your customers special discounts, and promo codes or inviting them to check out your latest offerings, email marketing is the best way to make your customers feel special. Studies show that email marketing, when used to offer personalized services on special occasions, builds customer loyalty and helps you get more sales.

As your Email Marketing Services Agency, BrandLoom helps you reach out to your customers effectively via emails. Be it crafting quality newsletters, keeping your audience updated on your brand, or pushing special offers to them- we can help you positively interact with your audience.

We only follow ethical practices

However, we always make sure that you never end up spamming your subscribers. We create good email content which never looks like spam and adds value for your customers. We strategize email marketing campaigns so that your emails are delivered at the right time and at the right frequency. This helps you maximize your impact on your audience.

BrandLoom understands the art of email marketing. Be it designing great newsletters to offering your customers exclusive discount coupons; we can help you draft appealing emails with panache. We also make sure that you deliver them at the right time so that you can create the maximum impact on your customers. Therefore if you are looking for email marketing services, connect with us today.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for an excellent digital marketing agency in Bangalore, give us a buzz!

Q14. What makes our branding services stand out in Bangalore?

Ans: If you want to stand out in the market and create a niche for yourself, you need to formulate a brand strategy.

BrandLoom is one of the best branding agencies in India and makes sure that your brand is established in the market. We help you craft brand stories so that you can connect with your audience and build an active brand community.

From logo to brand stationery design, we help you with visual branding as well. This enables you to distinguish yourself and increase your brand recall among your customers.

We help you build up your brand. Not only does good branding help you grow your business sustainably, but it also enables you to beat your competition.

Q15. Why use our digital marketing services in Bangalore?

Ans: At BrandLoom, we are ready to take care of all your digital branding and marketing needs. Our world is becoming increasingly digital- and the customers are increasingly shifting online. This is why every brand worth it’s salt MUST build up a distinct digital presence- because that is where the future is.

BrandLoom’s digital marketing services include everything that you need to stand out in the digital space. From search engine optimization to brand designing- we are here to help you on all fronts.

BrandLoom is your one-stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. We have worked with many brands from across all sectors. Our team has years of experience and have an in-depth understanding of digital marketing and branding. Be it designing, strategizing or content creation- we deliver customized solutions that are made especially for you.

Our methods ensure that you get the best ROI, and have a sustainable and practical business plan to back you up. Being one of the best digital agencies in India, we can help you cut through the clutter, beat your competition and grow your business sustainably. Not only that, if you are a Bangalore-based business, we can help you stand out locally.